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Trust Deeds Kent

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An alternate way of obtaining relief from unsecured debt is with the use of Kent trust deeds. Consumers who elect to use trust deeds can often eliminate the need for bankruptcy while also dealing with a repayment plan that is convenient and affordable.

What Are Kent Trust Deeds?
Trust deeds involve binding agreements between debtors and licensed insolvency practitioners, who are also referred to as trustees. Scotland’s Bankruptcy Act of 1985 created trust deeds in an effort to cut down on the number of bankruptcy petitions being filed. Working with an insolvency practitioner, individuals can sometimes write off up to 90% of their unsecured debt and then spread the remaining balance over a period of time.You can read more about Scottish Trust Deeds at www.trust-deeds.scot/trust-deeds along with other debt management solutions.

trust deeds Kent

Voluntary vs. Protected Trust Deeds
The Bankruptcy Act of 1985 established two basic types of Kent trust deeds. The first one is a voluntary trust deed, which is established by negotiating the terms of a repayment plan with creditors. As its name suggests, participation by creditors is strictly voluntary. Protected trust deeds occur whenever at least half of debtors agree to the terms. In that instance, the remaining creditors are forced to accept the terms as well since those who do not comply with these conditions will be precluded from receiving payment.

Why Creditors should Agree
Creditors are often very willing to agree to the terms of a trust deed because they are assured of getting payment. If debtors default on their obligations, it can be time consuming to collect this debt not to mention the fact that there are additional costs associated with doing so. Should individuals elect to file bankruptcy, this could result in all or part of the debt being discharged. In that case, a creditor stands to lose the entire amount owed.

Benefits of Kent Trust Deeds
There are a number of benefits to trust deeds, and a few of the most common ones include:

  1. Eliminates the need to file a bankruptcy petition, which could ultimately affect one’s credit standing
  2. Prevents creditors from harassing individuals about past due payments
  3. Makes the terms of a repayment plan clear for all parties who are involved
  4. Ensures creditors that they will be paid all or most of what they are owed
  5. Any unpaid debt will be written off at the end of 36 months provided all the terms of an agreement are adhered to
  6. Helps people develop and stick to a monthly budget
  7. Reduces the anxiety associated with repossessions and foreclosure

Consequences of Failing to Keep Agreements
Serious repercussions could be involved for consumers who do not live up to the terms of their trust deeds. Residents could find themselves owing the total amount they have remaining along with any fees associated with the services of the insolvency practitioner. This could ultimately lead to sequestration, which is the seizure of property and assets by creditors. When this occurs, credit scores may take a serious plunge and bankruptcy may then be the only solution that’s available.

trust deed advice Kent

Advantages over a Debt Management Plan
One of the most common questions asked is how a trust deed varies from a debt management plan. While the terms of a debt management plan can fluctuate from time to time, that’s simply not the case with trust deeds. Creditors are bound by the terms of this agreement and may not change them as time goes on. Furthermore, interest and associated late charges are frozen for the duration of the agreement, thereby allowing people to pay off their debt faster than they would have otherwise.

Trust deeds Kent have helped a number of consumers effectively manage their unsecured debt. An initial consultation can be obtained by filling out the form you see above.

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